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Color Field

Use the expressive power of Joli, Elke, and Marro. With three assertive shapes, 30 colors and multiple sizes, the acoustic luminaire trio creates a palette of possibilities to bring life and sound-absorbing features into a space.

This series of luminaires is heavily inspired by the Color Field painting movement, pioneered in New York in the 1950s. Artists experimented with the power of color in large areas: the color became the subject in itself. This trio features deeply saturated colors, large scale formats, and simple shapes.


With a rounded design that radiates from the shape of its diffuser, Joli exhibits a simplicity of form that’s especially pleasing when clustered. Captivating bursts of color and bubbles of light make a strong design statement in any space.


Bringing renewed flare to a classic shade form, Elke’s vertical profile is right at home in a loftier expanse space. Use it in open working areas and transition spaces such as like corridors.


A broad profile in a shorter height. Marro is intended for lower ceilings and smaller spaces, (and in) or in more intimate working areas where maximum sound absorption is key.

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